ASUS A6 battery
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ASUS A6 battery
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 Wireless Usb Hubs All About Them

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PostSubject: Wireless Usb Hubs All About Them   Wireless Usb Hubs All About Them EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:34 pm

Let抯 face it, USB ports are crucial these days. If you have a notebook computer or a PC that has only 2 or 3 USB ports, it can really limit the number of peripherals you can attach to your machine. There is a growing need for wireless USB hubs due to the advent of USB-powered devices such as keyboards, mice, external optical and hard drives, speakers, headsets, mobile device such as phones and tablets, even monitors. If you think 3 ports are more than enough, wait till you attach an external hard drive, mouse and a headset, then you抣l start to wish you had more.

This is where wireless USB hubs come in. These devices are designed to accommodate computer users who need more USB ports to connect more peripherals simultaneously.

The normal USB hubs can easily be attached to one of a computer抯 existing USB ports, working much in the same way as an extension electric cord does. A USB hub will have one USB connector attached to the computer, with the other end of the device having 4 to 6 additional USB ports where devices can be attached.

Wireless USB hubs on the other hand, look and work essentially the same as ordinary USB hubs. However, they no longer require any wires due to their wireless features. This means you won抰 have to deal with the mess created by a long cable connecting your hub and computer, resulting in a workspace that抯 clean and highly ergonomic.

Wireless USB Hubs can either be battery-operated or powered by an external power supply. The latter is favoured by most users these days due to the hassle of reducing batteries and such.

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Wireless Usb Hubs All About Them
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