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ASUS A6 battery
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 A Few Examples of Good Wireless USB Headsets

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A Few Examples of Good Wireless USB Headsets Empty
PostSubject: A Few Examples of Good Wireless USB Headsets   A Few Examples of Good Wireless USB Headsets EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 4:34 pm

The number of wireless USB headsets available on the market today is quite staggering and one may find a great number of different makes as well as models to choose from. Try out the Plantronics CS50-USB that is extremely light weight and has a long battery life of up to five hours and a range of 200 feet. With integrated volume control on the headset itself, it is easy to use and also comfortable to wear and one may often not even know one is wearing it. The CS50-USB is easy to install on the computer and all one needs to do is to plug in the USB cable and start using it. This wireless USB headset retails for approximately $300.For those who wish to try out different manufacturers, the Samsung 2.4 GHZ USB headphone is very easy for listening to audio output from the PC and does not require being tethered to the computer. The headset is able to transmit on a 2.4 GHz frequency and one may receive signals at a distance of 100 feet and with eight selectable channels, the user is able to find the optimal frequency for their particular environment and to conserve battery power it has an on/off switch to be used when the headset is not in use. For those who prefer to listen to music outputted from the computer, this wireless USB headset is ideal for them and there is no reason to worry about getting tangled up in connecting wires and cords. At a low price of just $60, it would be well worth checking out.The Gn9330-USB Wireless USB HeadsetThis new GN9330 USB wireless headset is instrumental in making all PC-based telephone conversations more clearly audible as well as being far more intelligible. It has high definition wideband IP audio to give you clarity of sound and is the premier office headset that gives true wideband audio and with 6.8 KHz. It offers double the audio bandwidth as compared with conventional telephony. It also makes full use of noise canceling microphone technology to give you the voice that is transmitted clearly, irrespective of where in the office you are positioned and it also guarantees conversation security thanks to digital encryption. This wireless USB headset has a range of operation of 200 feet which ensures that you may take calls anywhere in the office and with six hours of talk time there may be no need to recharge while conducting business during the day. It retails for approximately $180.

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A Few Examples of Good Wireless USB Headsets
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